Quality guiding that provides the whole package

Modern day life is demanding. Constantly on-the-go for a long periods of time. Relaxation and refreshing is important. What makes the Peak District a key destination for many is the easy accessibility for millions of people without a journey to the Lake District, Snowdonia, Scotland or flight/ferry abroad.  Outdoor adventure, accommodation, services and facilities are plentiful in the national park.

Scenic views and long lasting memories

The role of a guide is not simply knowing the hills and mountains like the back of your hand. Advising clients of the most suitable area to stay that meets their requirements. Combining quality accommodation and eating facilities we can start to build a package that will provide enjoyable long lasting memories.

I have lived and worked in the Peak District national park all of my life. I am an active member of the Peak District tourism board, writing blogs to encourage tourism to the park.

If you are planning a short break in the Peak District then feel free to contact me and i can help you arrange a enjoyable holiday. I will respond the same day to you by phone or email.


Walking holidays in Snowdonia, the Lake District and the Isle of Skye

We also have a range of walking holidays in the Lake District, Snowdonia and Scotland to choose from. All of our adventures are led by a qualified and experienced Mountain guide. We know the best days walking to be done in the area. Our guides were trained and assessed in these areas. Why not join us? Relax, learn and enjoy.

Walking holiday in Snowdonia National park

Walking holiday on the Pennine Way in the Lake District

imgp1531Walking holiday on the Isle of Skye