Map & Compass Navigation Training

I offer a one or two day training course which is suitable for complete beginners or people looking to refresh their skills in mountain navigation.

Having felt completely inadequate at map reading myself many years ago, I will allow you sufficient time to digest and understand your new skills. There will be plenty of time to ask questions. I give you enough space to digest and understand.

Depending on your previous levels of knowledge we will look to cover the following topics:

  • Detailed look at different types of maps
  • Identifying key map symbols (paths, streams etc..)
  • Interpreting contours
  • Setting the map to match the ground
  • Relocation techniques & reading grid references
  • Map reading in poor or limited visibility
  • How to use a compass
  • How to estimate distance using timing and pacing
  • Planning your own route and consideration of the weather
  • Emergency proceedures in case of an incident

I understand how frustrating it can be to want to explore the mountains competently but not having the confidence or knowledge to do so safely. I have taught a broad age range of clients over the years from Duke of Edinburgh groups to the Ramblers Association.

I will teach you the tools of navigation that will  give you the confidence in your next adventure in the mountains.

All maps and compasses are provided for each person.

Map to ground contour analysis
Map to ground contour analysis

I can tailor the course to your needs and requirements so if you feel more confident on one aspect and want to focus specifically on another area that’s fine.

Please contact me with your requirements and we can make a plan.

Ticking off features on your journey
Ticking off features on your journey
Needed some first class and intense navigation training before a demanding two week trek across Scotland - The Cape Wrath Trail. Contacted Matt and received an immediate response with potential dates for training. Within a week I was in the Peak District doing a one-to-one navigation course run by Matt trekking through difficult terrain with poor visibility to really hone map reading and compass skills. Just what I needed to feel ready for my big trip across Scotland. Would thoroughly recommend the course.
August 2015