Hillwalking & Mountain Fitness Guidance

These days are build specifically around your goal. They are 100% bespoke for you only. No two days will be the same.

If you are looking to increase your confidence and fitness or if you are planning a big adventure in the near future like the national Three Peaks or Kilimanjaro , I will plan hillwalking and mountain preparation days for you.

In the past I have had clients who have wanted preparation for trips to the Alps, Kilimanjaro, the Pyrenees, Vietnam and Patagonia.

Hi Matt, just to let you know I did the Cape Wrath trail last week. It was very demanding in many ways but you'll be pleased to hear that navigation was no problem at all thanks to your help! Cheers.
October 2015

I have experience of trekking around the world and can tailor advice and exercise tips simply to you. I will also give advice on:

Appropriate clothing for the trip
Essential gear
Suitable footwear
Building a medical kit
What to expect weather wise
Reading resources

Please contact me and I will work with you so that you can get the most out of your dream adventure.

I am also available for corporate and charity distance walks. Feel free to give me a call so I can help you to get the most out of your dream adventure.